Cadets resume on September 4, 2019

Are we now recruiting?
YES, every Wednesday, commencing on September 4, 2019 at 1830 hrs
at the Cadet Hall at 7411 River Rd, Richmond, BC
TEL: 604-270-3231

Bicknell Sea Cadet’s Brochure

The presentation on the Parents/Orientation Information Session
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Visit our "Testimonials" page where cadets provide their experiences on the summer training opportunities at the Cadet Training Centres.



At RCSCC BICKNELL, our Mission is to train the Youth of the Present to make better Citizens and to make a better Future in the Communities we serve. We will strive to provide the tools and the life-skills necessary for the Youth of tomorrow to carry out their Duties as proud Royal Canadian Sea Cadets and Citizens of the Community.

Welcome to 195 Royal Canadian Sea Cadet Corp Bicknell
The Royal Canadian Sea Cadets (RCSCC) is a Youth Organization, ages 12 to 18 years that offers a world of amazing opportunities. Our programme will challenge you with many exciting activities in a naval environment. The Aim of the Sea Cadet program is to develop in youth the attributes of leadership and citizenship, promote physical fitness and stimulate an interest in the maritime activities of the Canadian Navy.

The program focuses on providing instruction and opportunities to develop knowledge, skills and abilities and offers activities like participating in Parades and Community Events, Marksmanship, Seamanship, Drill, First Aid, Band, Guard, Sailing, Citizenship, Leadership, Sports, Orienteering, Rope Work, Ship’s Operations and Small Craft Operations. Most importantly, it is a platform to develop leadership skills that will promote potential future Leaders in our community. Former cadets include astronaut Marc Garneau and comedian Rick Mercer.

What does it take to be a Cadet?

You have to be between the age of 12 and 18

Want to learn and participate in activities such as sailing, outdoor adventure, parade drill, citizenship, band and much more. There are many opportunities available to Cadets; it's your choice in what direction you wish to proceed.

What is the cost to join?

There is a minimal cost of only $100 to join the Cadet Program. Cost for an additional sibling is $25. However, “NO Cadet” will be turned away, if unable to pay the minimal cost. Upon joining, uniforms, accoutrements, specialty training and summer camp training are provided, “absolutely FREE”. In fact, you GET PAID to go to summer camp training.

Do I have to join the Canadian Forces?

No, you are not required to join the Canadian Forces. While you are introduced to the activities and certain traditions of the Canadian Armed Forces, you are also introduced to many other respectable career choices that are available. The Cadet Program is a great way to make friends, find out more about Canada, and develop new skills that will be with you for life, no matter what career you choose.

How will Sea Cadets help me at school?

You will get High School Credits, Volunteer Hours and may be awarded Bursaries. Your schoolwork will benefit from the problem-solving and leadership skills. The Sea Cadet Programme will build your self confidence, efficiency, organizational skills, and prepare young adults for the future.

More questions about Sea Cadets?

Frequently Asked Questions about the Sea Cadet Programme in British Columbia. 195 RCSCC Bicknell meets on Wednesday nights from 6:30 to 9:30 pm at 7411 River Road, Richmond, BC.

We welcome you to join us on this "Wave of Adventure"!

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